Happy new year

It snowed again today, a lot more than last time too. We got about 5-7cm (2-3 inches) of snow.

I got up at 12 and had some rice with egg and fish in it for lunch. Nao said it's too cold to go outside so I went shopping with Nao's mum, grandmum and sister. It was snowing pretty hard and it was so cold! Anyway I had my first experience in a Japanese supermarket. It is pretty crazy in there. It feels and sounds a lot like a fish market. People shouting their guts out, and the smell of fish everywhere. Half the supermarket was dedicated to seafood! Squids, crabs, about 50 different types of fish and some other stuff I couldn't quite recognize.

Well we did a lot of shopping for food. I got some snacks and then we went back home. It had stopped snowing, and again the snow was melting as well - the weather had turned much warmer.

Nao is a wrestling/kick-boxing/boxing etc. fan so we are currently watching Dynamite.

At 12 i am going to a shrine to see the Japanese New Year celebration/prayers. I am not quite sure what to expect so I will post all that tomorow.

Happy new year everyone!