A day in Tokyo (and cram school)

Before going to Tokyo, Nao wanted to go to his old cram school to speak to his old teacher about something I didn't quite understand. Since it was on the way, we decided to go there first.

We got to the cram school at 10am. Unfortunately, it didn't open until 11. To kill some time, we went to his old school, looked around, drunk some tea and then went back to the cram school. The teacher arrived at 11:30, Naoki and I went into the classroom where we talked with the teacher about life, Japan and other stuff. At 12:30, the for of us (another cram student had joined us) went to get some lunch. We bought 2200yen ($28) worth of rolls with all kind of toppings (noodles, fish, pork, vegetables, etc).

With all that food, we went back to the cram school and I still don't quite know what happened but the next thing I know, we are in a room a few more people and I had to make a speech about my life and my hobbies and what i want to do when I grow up :S. I did alright though I think.

Well anyway, after that Naoki and I took the train to Tokyo.

Tokyo is huge, you simply can't compare it to Melbourne, there is one skyscraper after another and so many department stores and boutiques and souvenir shops and this and that... It's amazing

From Tokyo station we went to the Imperial Palace and then to Ginza, the shopping district with European influence.

I bought my first Japanese book called 'Peter Rabbit' in a huge department store and also got some more money. There is so much stuff to buy here!

There is this huge Apple Store in Ginza, it's incredible! Five floors filled with iPods, and all that other Apple Hardware (including one floor dedicated purely for surfing with at least 50 new iMacs). Anyway that was pretty cool.

It got dark pretty quickly (remember it is winter here) so we decided to begin our journey back home involving 2 trains, a bus and 800yen.