Cleaning Day

Today we had an all day, all school cleaning day, which included sweeping the classroom and the corridors, scrubbing the floors and polishing the white (well actually green) boards. Well it was quite fun in a way ;) I'll have photos up soon!

This week has been pretty good. We had one and a half days of sports festival, the sports included soccer, basketball, judo and a lot more (i can't remember). I played soccer, did pretty bad. Luckily I only played for the last 10 minutes ;). Yesterday I had a practice for friday's speech in assembly. My speech is about MHS, me, my hobbies and my first impression of Japan and Kasukabe HS. It is half English half Japanese... alright a bit more English than Japanese and half the stuff I do say in japanese i don't really understand but at least I'm trying :)

After school, I spend most of my time reading, talking, email-ing and working on my blog or my css/html skills.