2 weeks over already

Well, its been two weeks now, and I sure have done a lot of stuff :) But I will start at the beginning, the flight to Narita.

My plane was supposed to leave at 10:15. I got to the airport at 7:15, but the check-in took nearly 2 hours so I ended up running late. After a hasty good-bye, I went through the slide-doors into emigration, which I cleared in 20 minutes. Of course my gate, number 14, was at the far end of the airport, so, running, I made my way to the gate only to find that our flight had been delayed by an hour because of engine problems.

We started boarding at 10:15, when we should acctually have been taking-off. We had to take a bus to our A330, which would take us 7 or 8 thousand km north, to Tokyo. We eventually took-off at 11:05.

The flight was pleasant, we had a few turbulences at the start and half-way, when we were over northern QLD but it wasn't too bad.

During the flight, I watched 'The terminal', 'Troy' (again), 'Spiderman 2' (again), 'Touching the void' (again) and 'Around the world in 80 days' and still managed to get bored, walk around the plane a couple of times and read my Japan guide back to front (well not quite)

We landed in Narita at 7:15. I was a little disappointed to see that there were absolutely NO duty-free shops in Narita airport! So after getting my luggage, I made my way through immigration, where I received a fancy stamp in my passport and then went into the arrival hall. Mr. Suzuki, an english teacher from Kasukabe HS and Naoki were already waiting for me. It took us three trains, 2 hours and 1200 yen ($15)(per person) to get from Narita to Kasukabe.

Naoki and I took a taxi to his house and after a warm welcome, I went to my room, wrote a quick email that I had arrived safe and went to bed. It was 11:30pm Japanese time or 1:30am Australian time.

The next day I had to get up at 6:30 in the morning! I was so tired! For breakfast, I had miso soup, rice and something fishy (i can't remember what). We took our bikes to school (as everyone else seems to) and Nao showed me around the school a little before I met two vice-principles of Kasukabe High School.

Classes begin at 8:30 everyday at KHS and there are 5 65min periods per day, that day we had English grammar, Math, Art, Biology and Traditional Japanese. The 40 students in the class are all really nice and try to speak English with me all the time. Classes are not as strickt as I had throught (which is good) and teachers sometimes make jokes too.

Kasukabe High School is pretty big, and really new. They have a baseball ground, gym (basketball), weightroom, handball court and a soccer/rugby court. I have not yet seen the science rooms (because KHS students were writing exams last week) but I would imagine them being pretty good as well.

What is really different to Australia is that students stay in one classroom for the whole day (except art, science), also, students eat lunch in the classroom during the two lunchtimes (they don't have a thing called recess here).

On the weekend, I went on a bit of a shopping spree. I now have a phone, a cool 256mb memory stick (slim as a bankcard) and a power adapter for my iBook. Nao's parents also bought me a bike (everyone in Kasukabe seems to go to places with a bike).

Until now I am having a really good time. If anyone wants to send me an e-mail to my phone: jwindelen-mhs@ezweb.ne.jp

This weekend, Nao and I are going to Tokyo so I think I'll write another post tomorrow.

I have moved the pictures to another server so please click the link below to see the pictures.