Mod's Hair Paris (in Kasukabe)

my one-day-only hair style

I went to the hairdresser today. I didn't really want to but since Nao was going today, and I didn't want to go by myself and come back with no hair at all due to communication problems, I went as well.

Nao's hairdresser is called Mod's Hair Paris. They even have adds on TV! Can you believe me, someone who rarely combs his hair, let alone style it, going to the most renown hairdresser/styler in town? Well I did.

So we walk into the shop and there is a person waiting behind a counter. Naoki gives him his membership card and asks for a membership card application form for me. The counter-guy takes our jackets and puts them in a wardrobe. Nao and I sit down in the waiting area and out of nowhere, a girl pops up and asks us if we want a coffee or some magazine to read.

1) I don't like coffee
2) I can't read kanji

I say 'no thank you' (in Japanese) and the girl walks off. A minute later, she comes back with two 'Mod's Hair' bags in which Nao and I put our valuables. After that, the counter-guy comes up to us and asks us about our hairstyle preference, it turns out I was lucky to have gone with Nao, who knows what they would have understood my gibberish as?

My first thought is 'What a great service! We don't have that in Australia' after a 20minutes wait, counter-guy comes up to us again and gives us a white 'Mod's Hair' coat each to put on. They even have change rooms although you just wear the coat over your other clothes! After another 20 minutes wait - I was a bit bored after all that waiting - it was finally my turn to get a 'Mod's Hair' hair-cut.

First thing is a 'Mod's Hair' hair-wash. When the lady has finished washing my hair, she wrapped a towel around my head and lead me up the stairway to where I am to get my 'Mod's Hair' hair-cut. It turns out that counter-guy is my hairdresser today. After 10 minutes of cutting, I am up for another 'Mod's Hair' hair-wash. Following that was a surprise, a head and shoulder massage! It was quite nice and so relaxing!

Counter-guy then proceeded to cut my hair a bit more, he then took the 'Mod's Hair' hair dryer and blew my hair around for a while, trying to get the ultimate hair composure. The last thing was a bit of 'Mod's Hair' hair gel and then counter-guy was finished.

So for 2620yen ($35) I had the ultimate 'Mod's Hair' hairstyle experience - for only day

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Lieber Johannes,

ich w√ľnsche Dir einen Guten Rutsch ins neue
Jahr, das ja bei Euch in Japna schon bald

Good luck in 2005!!