Tokyo is incredible. I have never seen such a massive city. Today Nao's uncle and aunt took us on a surprise trip to Odaiba, a modern district with lots of 'game centres' and shops and restaurants which is build over an old garbage dump.

The freeways in Tokyo are crazy - that's the right word to describe them. In central Tokyo they often wind their way through the skyscrapers up to 3 floors high (the freeways that is, not the skyscrapers)!

Anyways, in Odaiba, we went into a big complex called 'Decks', filled with shops offering everything from exotic foods to 'Hello Kitty' accessories. It even had a 'retro' section where shops sold traditional food as well as historical displays such as a Japanese 70's house, an old telephone box, an old barber shop and, stereotypically, the history of video games.

Odaiba also has a beautiful waterfront with a great view on central Tokyo, including the Tokyo Tower and all the skyscrapers.

After eating a snack, we went to a game centre, a pretty big one i might add. Nao's uncle gave us 2000yen each to spend in the one hour, i did a bit of racing, shooting, betting and ate a chocolate ice cream, banana and cream crepe. :D

UPDATE 12/26/04 11:19pm

The Pictures are up!