Catching up with Australia

Me, Akito, Mr. and Mrs. Fujino, and mr. Suzuki's two sons

Today, I met Mr. and Mrs. Fujino, my Japanese teacher at Melbourne High, who is currently on holiday in Japan. We had a bit of a snack consisting of ricecrackers, mini chocolate pies, mandarin oranges and talked a lot. We talked about Japan, school, Australia and stem cells.

Akito, a student at Waseba University, who had also done this exchange (just the other way around) was also there and invited me to come to one of his classes :)

On a side note: do you know how many can machines there are on my way to school? I counted them today and there are 34! Thats right, 34 can machines in 2km! They are everywhere! and often it's not just one but up to 5 of them next to each other!

Can machines on my way to school

And while I'm at it, guess how often I have to wait at the railway crossing on my way to school? I have waited 19/24 times! thats 79.17%!

Anyways I also bought one of those fancy Japanese pencils today! It has a gel grip and is 'perfecty balanced' I have to say that writing with that pencil is one heck of an experience! ;)