What's that white stuff?

I woke up early this morning and my first thought was "sht it's cold!!"
my second one was "i so did not get enough sleep today!!"
my third one was "oh great its raining!"

By that time I was wide awake but since I am the bum that I am, I decided to stay in bed and entertain myself by looking at my statcounter stats and surfing the bloggersphere, instead of getting up and doing anything productive.

Around ten-ish, Nao woke up and a few minutes later he said: "Hey Johannes, it's snowing!"
"It's snowing!"
"Yes, snowing, you know the white stuff that falls from the sky?"
I know the white stuff that falls from the sky alright. When I opened the curtains and looked outside, it sure was snowing. Everything was white! I was a bit surprised, I guess it's because I just came from Australia two weeks ago (its hot summer in Australia right now) and probably didn't get used to the Japanese seasons yet. Well anyway, I decided the moment was worth a picture:

The view from my window

It has been snowing for most of the day now but I don't know how long the snow will last, I guess its still too warm.

We also went to the cinema today to see 'Hauru's moving castle', a Japanese cartoon. It wasn't like Pokemon or Dragonball Z though, this one actually had a real storyline and was interesting (from what I understood).

We rode our bikes to the cinema. It was so freezing that I thought my hand might fall off any minute and then there was the snow which went everywhere. The cinema was really warm though so I un-froze pretty quick.

The cinema was so tiny! There are only 50 seats or so and it was really old too. Today they had the 'Ladies-day' where female cinema-goers only had to pay 1000yen instead of the usual 1400 (that is about $12.50 or $17.50! to go to a single movie!). There were about 35females to 4males (Nao and me included) in the cinema, which I didn't really mind.

Anyway, the movie was good although I probably only understood about 1%. I got the basic storyline from the pictures though so i could still enjoy it.

When we got out, it was much warmer, no more white stuff was falling from the skies and the snow on the ground had mostly melted. We'll see, perhaps it'll snow again overnight.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Johannes, Now with snow You have the same circumstances as we here in old germany. Have a good time! Greetings from Christian