The start of the year family photo

Yesterday was pretty disappointing. No fireworks, no party, nothing really. But I discovered today that most things happen during the day on the first day of the new year, not at midnight.

I had to get up at 10. I was so tired but Nao put a damn alarm next to my head so I didn't really have a choice. I had a soup for breakfast, took a shower and got to put on a kimono! It was a really old one too (that's good), From Nao's great-grandfather. It is actually quite comfortable to wear and keeps pretty warm.

We then proceeded to have a new year family photo (look above) in the tatami room and had the new year lunch, all sort of Japanese traditional food, and lots of it too! Most things tasted nice but others were really strange. They ate whole fishes including head and everything! I didn't try that.

After lunch we went to the shrine, in kimono and wooden sandals! After a quick prayer, we went back home, it is quite cold in wooden sandals!

Nao and me then went 'downtown'. It was really crazy, cars and people everywhere! My first thought was that shops must be giving stuff away for free! We had traffic jams, here in Kasukabe! But Nao told me that it was always like this on the first day of the new year. I guess Japanese celebrate new year during the day instead of midnight.

traffic jam in kasukabe!