iPod shuffle still not

I got up at four yesterday, just like I had planned. After gathering my stuff, including folding chair and book, i tiptoed outside and rode my bike to the train station. The riding part was quite a feat actually considering that it was so early in the morning, raining, windy and i had an umbrella in one hand.

I stopped by the 7eleven near the train station and bought some Pocky and hot tea for breakfast. The train arrived at 5:04, 2 minutes late. I was surprised to see how many people were on the train on a Sunday! I was hoping that they didn't all want to go to the Apple Store in Ginza, hoping to pick up a Shuffle.

When I arrived in Ginza, i first went to CityBank, one of the few banks where i can use my bankcard,
before sitting on my collapsible chair and reading my book in front of the Apple Store

I was the first one in line, sat down and got straight into my book, holding my umbrella in one hand. I sat there for nearly four hours. The mass of people behind me grew considerably in the last hour. By that time I was freezing - quite literally. My fingers were red as a tomato while the palm of my hand was mostly blue with a few red spots - maybe hypothermia? I wouldn't know.

The store finally opened and we were let in. The problem was that they didn't even have the damn thing! no iPod shuffle! After an one hour long train ride! and 4 hours of waiting! in the rain! whilst freezing!

Well you get the picture - I was quite devastated.

That won't stop me though. I'll be there again next Saturday, until i get my prized iPod. Amazon doesn't ship the Shuffle until mid-February!