Instant noodles

I have been living on two meals a day lately - lunch and dinner. Today I had some quality instant noodles for lunch. And by quality, I mean real quality. I don't think the term instant noodles really does them justice. The cooking instructions (8 steps long) are so complicated that you feel like you're cooking... uhh... pancakes? More to the point it is nothing like the instant noodles you get served in Australia. In the end, the feeling that you get from having mastered the complex cooking process is enormously rewarding plus the stuff actually tastes good!

We went to the city today. Now when I am referring to 'city' in any of my posts I mean Kasukabe city. Kasukabe city isn't very far at all from our house - it takes about five minutes by bike to be downtown. Now downtown Kasukabe is basically one long street lined with shops, 'Robinson's' the massive department store and at the end of the street, Laox, a computer/technology superstore. Well you get the picture anyway.

Getting back on track, we went to the bank where Nao had to pay a bill of some sort and then to 'Book-off', a second hand bookshop where Nao likes to spend his time when he isn't studying, looking for books on how to become rich. After Book-off we went to Robinson's and looked for books - again. I then bought a crepe with chocolate, banana and creme in it. There are crepes everywhere here in Japan. There aren't even that many crepes in France and I would know because I've lived there.

There is a thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's post and that is that when Japanese teenagers aren't in a club or studying they are writing e-mails on their mobiles. Nao received about 20 e-mails today and wrote just as many (yes I did count the number of times his mobile went off). Talking on the phone is much less in demand, mobiles are only being used for writing e-mails, surfing the web, watching TV, taking pictures but not actually doing what they were initially designed to do.

here are a few random pics from today:

Nao doing gymnastics?

A can of Fanta

Orange peel next to the TV

Nao writing yet another e-mail