ipod shuffle is not... yet!

I got up at 6:50 today, had a quick breakfast and off I was. Nao decided to stay home due to the weather. I must say that I can't blame him because it was freezing. Such a small obstacle however can't stop a Mac addict like myself to got to the Apple Store and wait in line for one of the new iPod Shuffles.

I got there an hour before the Store opened (thanks to there not being an express train at that time in the morning) and there were already something like 200 people waiting. The TV cameras came at about 9:45 and I swear I was on television today! A memorable day for my family ;) Just before 10, this Apple guy comes walking by and says, no shouts, that there are only 29 iPods, for 400 people - great!

Obviously I wasn't one of the 29 people to get one. After my initial depression, I soon came up with this new grand plan of how to get my hands on one tomorrow: getting up at 5am and going to the Apple Store to be first in line :) I had a good look around the Store, which is very nice I must say, before heading back home.

I've just spend the last 30minutes cleaning one of those collapsible chairs which I will take to the Apple Shop tomorrow. Because it's supposed to be clear tomorrow, I will also take my laptop so I have something to do while waiting. A book will also have to come along in case it rains ;)

So that's my grand plan for tomorrow, lets just hope they get new iPod Shuffles, Otherwise I'll look like a fool!