Nothing interesting

I haven't been blogging in a while - well two days to be exact - this is partly due to the fact that the internet was down yesterday and this morning but also because I don't have anything interesting to write about.

Uncle, aunty, cusin 1 and cusin 2 left yesterday, just after breakfast. I went to the book shop and watched a play about that bee, what's her name? outside Robinson's.

Today I did even less. I got up late and stayed inside for the day. The picutre gallary has albums now but I'm not happy with that yet so I will probably change it some more.

I have read these rumours about a 'head-less' sub-US$600 imac. Check 'em out! It sure looks interesting :)

That's all from me today. Maybe i will do something more thrilling tomorrow which deserves to go on my blog.