MacWorld Expo SF

I am a Mac fan. Well that is probably understating it a bit; I guess I belong to the Mac Addict group. Since the first day that I went to an Apple Shop in Melbourne, I am hooked. I am now a proud owner of an iBook G3 900Mhz with Combo-Drive, 640MB Ram, AirPort and a 60GB Hard Drive.

As you might know if you have been following Mac news, the Annual MacWorld Expo in San Francisco starts on the 11th of this month - in just 4 days and a half. Each year, at the start of the Expo, Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO introduces the (or some) new products for the year.

Various Rumour sites like MacRumors or Think Secret, which is currently being sued by Apple for 'posting Apple trade secrets', have been upping the heat in the last two weeks with before MacWorld LA with reports that a 'headless' iMac, flash based iPods, iWorks (an Apple office Suite) and iLife '05 will be unveiled at the Expo. Other Rumours include the introduction of a dual 3Ghz G5 PowerMac and a speed bump for the PowerBook line.

The 'headless' iMac is probably the most anticipated of all the above. Think Secret has 'confirmed' stats for the new desktop as follow:

  • PowerPC G4 processor running at 1.25GHz

  • Combo-Drive (CD-RW/DVD)

  • 256MB DDR RAM

  • USB 2.0

  • FireWire 400

  • 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet

  • 56K V.92 modem

  • AirPort Extreme support

as well as costing around US$500- 600. For more info, go to Think Secret's story

The flash-based iPod is rumoured to come in 1GB and 2GB configurations and cost US$149 and US$199 respectively. The display is rumoured to be 3 lines long. Wether the device will use a touch-based interface similar to Apple's ClickWheel, featured on the iPod mini and 4G iPod or forgo that and have more buttons instead.

iWork is believed to include Keynote 2, Apple's presentation software as well as well as a new application, Pages. It's unclear whether Pages will simply encompass a word processing application or whether Apple will wrap spreadsheet functionality into it as well. iWork will be bundled with all new Macs, including the 'headless' imac, according to ThinkSectret.

Personally, I am eagerly awaiting the flash-based iPod. If the final pricing actually ends up being that low and the design is appealing I might actually end up buying one. I have always wanted an iPod but the HD models are a little too expensive for me at the moment and I was also hoping for something smaller too. Lets hope the rumours come true :D

Here are a few mock-ups that I found on the Internet:
the headless imac
the flash-based iPod
another flash-based iPod
a headless emac this time
a click-wheel flash-based iPod
and another mini iPod