New year concert

Yesterday Nao and i went to the Kasukabe High School's New Year concert, which was held in the assembly hall at school.

Nao had given me a ticket beforehand, which i showed to the lady when we got there. I'm on my way in when the lady holds me back and asks me to pay the entrance fee. Apparently, you can pick up a ticket for free but then have to pay for it once you get to the event! What a cool idea. If it were the same in Australia, I would have saved 10 bucks on that social ticket i didn't end up using (i was sick).

The performers at the 'concert' were mostly comedians.

The new years concert wasn't really what I expected at all. Firstly, the 'concert' wasn't performed by the students and secondly it wasn't even a concert but more like a comedy festival. There were 3 performers who cracked their jokes, then we had a short break. I didn't understand a lot of the jokes - in fact none. They talked way too fast for me :( Nao however seemed to enjoy himself.

After the break, there was one performance I could understand! A woman performed various tricks, like balancing an assortment of object on her chin. Halfway through her performance, she walked up to me (i sat in the front row), hands me a ball and starts talking. I don't understand the exact words but i get the gist. I'm supposed to throw the ball at her.

The performer takes her place on the stage again and looks at me expectantly. I throw the ball in her general direction, not knowing where it's supposed to go. The woman dives, umbrella in hand, towards the ball and somehow manages to balance the ball atop the umbrella. Glad that I hadn't made a fool of myself, I take my seat again.

When the show finishes, I receive a small gift for my great contribution to the show: a blue piece of cloth with some kanji on it. I still have to ask Nao what those kanji mean.