Bound to happen

It was bound to happen and it happened today. With the recent snow which melted and then refroze overnight, nearly everything is covered in ice, including the streets.

Nao and I went to Tsutaya, the local video rental store and got Austin Powers 2. As usual, we took the bikes. I used every oportunity to do skids or "burnouts" on every icy surface available. So anyway, I was in the middle of a skid when suddenly my front wheel lost traction. I put out my foot to stop the inevitable but that didn't help a lot.

So I am falling/skidding across the ice and of course I don't even land on ice but I have to land on the rough tarmac. My bike somehow ended up on top of me. A bit of blood on chin, shoulder, knee but nothing serious. My pants didn't get torn nor did my jumper and the camera which i had in my pocket is still working. So whatever you do, don't do skids on icy surfaces whilst riding a bike on the way to the local Tsutaya to rent an Austin Power movie!

Also today: Nao's uncle, aunty, cusin and another cusin came over. We had another New Year Lunch (I think we have that for a week or so) and I learned about one cool Japanese tradition. Grandparents, uncles and aunties give their grandchildren/nephews money on new year! Since I am now considered part of the family too, I was given 12,000 yen! I think I might use it to buy one of those flash-based iPods that are supposed to be anounced at the Macworld Expo... We'll see.

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Philine said...

Hi Johannes,
herzlichste Neujahrswuensche aus Langen. Viel Spass in Japan und lass dich gut verwoehnen. Wann ist denn die Macworld Expo? Kannst du das Geraet anschliessend in Australien verwenden?
Ich finde ganz toll, was du da machst. Alle Achtung!
Gruss, Philine