Fogging up

Slept in this morning. When I did finally wake up, I had around 20min left before school start. I managed to get out the door in under 9min! (and yes that's a personal record)

When I walked out the door I was confronted with a big wall of grey. It took me some time to realize that the impenetrable grey mass was fog. I could see for about 5 meters. I'd never seen so much fog in my life.

It's funny to see everything just pop up out of nowhere. You feel like you're the master chief in a halo2 cutscene!

I had my second presentation today. I was told it was just for the people who couldn't come sunday two weeks ago. In the end, about 100 people turned up - so much for 'only the ones who couldn't come last time'!

I love being a mac person.. those ahh's and ohh's from the audience whenever you use expose/dashboard are just priceless :D