TV and baseball

Nao watches this weird Japanese TV show every night.

The series is about this student who is a really good baseball player but always has an injury of some sort (a different one in every episode of course). However, since there is always a very important game is coming up, he decides to play regardless of his injuries. His girlfriend comes to the game and is worrying/sobbing the whole time.

It always comes down to the last pitch. If the hero gets the batter out, his team wins. Then just as he is about to throw his killer ball, his arm/leg/ankle/wrist/finger gives him a spasm. The camera goes into superslow motion, zooming in on the guys face and arm/leg/ankle/wrist/finger. A minute of slowmotion later, the batter is out, the guy's team won the game but the hero lies on the field contorted in agony. That's the story-line for almost every episode...

The only reason i watched it was that Nao displays a very stange behaviour whenever he watches it: he gets out his old baseball glove and ball, puts on the glove and sits there watching TV. When the show is over he throws the ball onto his bed a couple of times and then puts the glove and the ball back into his closet.

And then he tells me that he doesn't like baseball. Hmmm...