Eel anyone?

We had eel for dinner today. I had never had eel before. The fish was served on top of rice with a brown sauce, all in one bowl.

Tentatively, I took a small bite. It tasted fishy and didn't have a lot of flavor. The skin (you eat that too) had a very bitter taste (tasted a bit like soap). The eel was cut in two and cut again vertically, along the spine. I was just taking another bite when my eyes moved to the end of one of the pieces of eel when suddenly.. What's that? It's a HEAD! The eel's head! It was lying there, mouth gaping open, eyes empty. the head like the rest of the eel was cut in two so i got a great view of all the insides of an eel's head.

I felt kind of nauseous. I beheaded the eel using my chopsticks and proceeded to eat the rest of the eel. However, I had really lost all appetite.