I'm back

I am sorry for the lack of recent updates. My ibook had to get its logic board fixed (by the way apple has a great customer support) and I had tons of work to churn my way through.

A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks:

I am now the proud owner of an iPod shuffle! After waiting in the cold on 4 Saturday and Sunday mornings, the staff took pity on me and I was told that they would put one aside for me when the new shipment arrives. I should remind you at this point that there are only 3 apple retail store in japan and that they don't usually do any 'putting aside' stuff so I was really happy. The next Saturday morning I got a call telling me that an ipod shuffle (1GB) had been "secured" and that I could pick it up the next day! I did pick it up the following day and have now had my shuffle for the last week. It's so tiny and light! one word: Perfect!

I gave the presentation to the Japanese host families and the one to my class. Both went well and I have been asked to do another presentation again for the ones who missed the first one. The thing is that I trashed my notes after my first presentation so I am now quickly putting my keynote and notes back together.

Last Friday was setsubun, a cool festival where you chase the oni - the red house demon - out of the house by throwing soy beans at it :) more on that later.

very important: we finished gymnastics *relief* and now have rugby :)

I went to a Karaoke bar with the Kasukabe students who came to Melbourne last winter. Karaoke is great! You rent your own room complete with projector and a massive sound system. There is a gigantic remote (had to use 2 hands) you use to select songs. You sing the words to the songs off the screen and at the end you get a score (my highest was 81 singing "Vertigo" by U2 together with Naoki.

I think that about sums it up. Unfortunately a few of my teachers at MHS didn't forget about me and since the start of school in Australia I have been receiving regular updates :( How am I supposed to learn Japanese now?